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A Top Water Filtration and Purification Equipment Supplier serving Houston Texas and the surrounding areas.

Direct Water Solutions offers homeowners with some off the best water softeners in the industry, drinking water solutions that give families peace of mind, filters that completely eliminate contaminants from water, and residential treatments systems that protect homes from contaminated water. Unlike big stores and big water companies, Direct Water Solutions has put its customers first by taking care of them and their water. Keeping you happy for the long haul is what we're all about and what we'll continue to build our reputation on for years to come.



At Direct Water Solutions, we care about your family. We care that your water is the safest and healthiest it can be and we want to make it easy for you to get there.

That’s why we are passionate about water softeners and drinking water solutions that are proven to eliminate your water quality issues, while making buying and owning them simple, clear and affordable.

Water should be clear.

You should know your water is safe and healthy. We provide free water testing, drinking samples and  you can trust you are getting the best results

Water should be easy.

Our sales team doesn’t work on commission and we offer transparent pricing, lifetime, industry-leading warranties.

Water should be simple.

Our water softeners are designed so you never have to buy another system. And we offer home salt delivery so your water is not only easy to get, but easy to keep.